Research, Words, and Story

Yup. I’m researching. I’m writing words that may have to be changed or deleted in rewrites and edits. I’m still working out the story line. But the point is I’m writing. I’m working on a story unlike anything I’ve tried before. History, but not a historical. Adventure, which I’ve never tried. Yes, I’ve had action/fights/conflict in my books, but again this has to be true to history in some sections, and true for todays bungling husband who thinks he can defend his women from anything.
I’ve finally talked my hubby into not going out for lunch every day. Okay, ladies, I know you think that is a horrible sin, but I just can’t take the time right now. I’m not a morning person, and it’s usually about ten or eleven before my brain agrees to work. Hubby likes to go out to eat about eleven. We get back around twelve thirty or one. If I’m lucky I can get to the computer before he decides “lets do this one thing before you vanish into your fantasy world.”
Maybe I should become one of those women who goes to Starbucks to write. But, really, that constant Sssshhhh of the coffee machine keeps me from concentrating. And all those people walking around, and of course there will always be one who wants to know “What cha doing?”
No. I made the right decision. It will save money and I’ll gain words.
And you’ll gain a book to read.

Life Gets in the Way

Sometimes life just gets in the way. I’ve not posted in so long you may have given up on me. Sad. I’ve not been writing as I should. Again, Life. Another heart attack, kidney infections, blood pressure problems, etc. I’m afraid to say this in fear I may jinx myself, but I’m healthy, and have so many characters running through my head, I may never get them all sorted out.

At the moment, I’m working on an adventure type book. Sort of a female Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code. Not my usual genre, and the research may kill me, but I’m determined to write it and get it out there for you to read.

Once I’m finish with that, I will write Fugue Macabre Fire Dance, to finish out the Fugue Macabre trilogy. I’ve left readers (and my publisher) of the first two waiting too long.

Next in line to be written is a time travel romance. It will be the beginning of a new series based on a time travel agency named The Counterclockwise Traveler. This is already promised to a publisher who is patiently waiting.

The book that was being written for a possible TV series has been dropped. I couldn’t come to an agreement with the story line with the producers. They wanted something along the lines of Dallas and I’m just can’t write back stabbing families. I can only push my conflict meter so far.

So, I think I’ve caught you up. If you have any questions for me, you know how to reach me.



A good friend of my hubby and mine died. I’m going through the grieving process as best I can. One thing someone said to me made me start thinking about the people in my life. Do I treat them in such a way that they know how important they are to me? I hope so. I try to.
A friend I made at SOLA and served with as co-president is moving away. So, in a way, I’m losing her, too. I have a online friend, and fellow author, whom I just found out has cancer and is not doing well. I was horrified to realize I’ve not kept in touch with her as I should have.

My hubby and I have talked about moving out of the state. I’m all for it, but, then again, I’d be losing a lot of friends in the move. Yes, I know, we can keep in touch online, or phone, but it’s not the same. I’d miss SOLA, my RWA chapter. I’d miss my great neighbors to my right. I’d even miss the cranky neighbors to my left.
Reason’s for wanted to move? I miss the four seasons. I hate the summers of Louisianna. I hate the politics. I’d miss my huge yard since we’re thinking of downsizing to a condo.
I guess my mind is tearing everything apart to summize what I really want. I want to move. I do not want to lose my friends. I want to downsize. I do not want to give up my greenhouse.
I guess I’m falling into that trap of wanting my cake and eating it too.

Free Book

The electronic copy of my paranormal suspense FUGUE MACABRE GHOST DANCE will be offered free of charge on Amazon from December 14 through December 18. Merry Christmas. C. J. Parker

Thoughts, Dreams & Listening to Your Own Heart

I’ve had a few thoughts on becoming a literary agent. I made the mistake of mentioning it on my Facebook page. I was shocked at the reponses I received. Some were supportive, some were doubtful of my being able to pull it off, some gave me advice. The surprises came in private messages from authors saying they’d sign with me if I deceided to do this. I never said I’d quit writing. I won’t. I just wanted a feel-good challenge. I’ve done a few jobs beside writing in the publishing field. No, I’ve never been an assistant to an agent. I read an article written by an agnet that described his day/week/month as an agent. To be honest, it make me tired just reading it. LOL

I’m open to comments. I’m a big girl, wearing my big girl panties. I can handle it. But I plan on searching my own heart, my common sense before I make up my mind.

Contests, RWA Chapters, Friends

I enter contests never expecting to win or even place.  I usually do it to help out the RWA chapter that is sponsoring the contest.  Being president of SOLA, the New Orleans Chapter for RWA, I understand the need for revenue.  We have to pay rent for a meeting room once a month.  We pay our guest speakers for their time, travel, meals and acommodations when needed.  Eleven speaker a year, can add up and sometimes the dues paid by our members are not enough. 

Our board members work for free.  We do it because we belive in our goal of helping each and every member to obtain their goal of publication.  The first day I walked into a SOLA meeting, I was a bit overwhelmed.  Everyone was talking, and running around setting up coffee and snacks (we take turns bringing in little goodies), and all were trying to talk loud enough to be heard over the others. I walked out and went home.  That was a mistake.  It took me a few months before I went back, determined to stay and see what this group was all about.  That was six years ago.

Last year I was President, this year Co-president.  I’ve also served as secretary.  At the end of this year I will step down and become another of the group of women and men who come every month to hear the speakers, eat snacks none of us need (Can you say diet?) and learn about writing.  And no mater how long you’ve been writing, you continue to learn.

What am I rambling about?  If you are a writer, check out your local RWA chapter.  If you don’t want to join a group, submit to their contests.  The Dixie Kane Memorial Contest at SOLA is known for our great judges and the suggestions they give authors in their submissions.  Many have gone on to be published.   

Both Fugue Macabre: Ghost Dance and Fugue Macabre: Bone Dance were Dixie Kane entries and now published.  The suggestion and comments were invaluable.  I entered two manuscripts this year.  Will I win?  I don’t know.  That’s not the reason I enter.  The feadback is what I want. 

The Unquiet

The Unquiet:

I sat down to read The Unquiet knowing I’d have to get up and fix dinner in a couple of hours.  I figured I could set it down and finish it the next day.  At 2:47 AM I closed the book.  (Hubby found his own dinner.) Yes, The Unquiet is one of those books you don’t want to start until you know you can read it all the way through.

 I would rate The Unquiet 5 out of 5 stars.  It’s now one of my top ten rated paranormals and has earned a special place on my keeper shelf;  I’ll be waiting impatiently for Jeannine Garsee’s next release.


Charlotte Parker

Working Writer

I’ve not been serious about my writing lately. It’s as if I’ve come to a crossroad and I’ve got to make a decision. Do I want to be a serious writer? Or do I want to spend my time reading other people’s work while I travel? My question back to these are, Why can’t I do both? I love writing. I love itl when the words flow and the story is clear in my mind. I even love the beginning when the story is nothing but “what ifs.” I’m not a big fan of TV, though I do watch a few shows. So that’s not a time drain. My true problem is all the places in the world calling my name. I’ve even thought of selling everything, buying an RV and traveling the lower 48. That way I’d have an office to work in between driving from one place to another. But I’ve also dreamed of winning the Power Ball. I’m old enough to know the difference between dreams and reality. So, back to MS Word and my latest WIP. I’ll dream later.

Fugue Macabre Ghost Dance Cover Reveal

New cover art for Fugue Macabre Ghost Dance. The re-release is planned for the end of this month (June).

Great Reads

I’ve had a slow week of writing and when that happens I read.  I re-read Erica Spindler’s Watch me die Saturday and Sunday, then on Moday I re-read Blood Vines by Erica.  I can’t say enough about these books.  Great, edge of your seat, don’t want it to end read.  I could go on, but I think you get the drift.  These are really great reads.  Suspense with just enough romantic touch to make you smile and enough suspense to make you cheer when the bad buy bites the dust.  Watch Me Die is available in hard back and eBook.  Blood Vines is available in paperback and eBook.  Want a great read?  Then pick up either Watch Me Die or Blood Vines, or why not both?