Oil Spill, Louisiana Coastline

Well, it happened.  The oil has come ashore.  Our coastline, or environment, fisheries, shrimp beds, oyster beds will take years to recoup.  Hundreds of fishermen, shrimpers and oystermen are out of work and may never go back to that lifestyle again.  It will take more than their lifetime to clean this mess up.  Now, lets look beyond.  The owners of seafood restaurants, the waiters, cooks, hostesses, those who work in the processing houses along the coast…all out of work.  The owners of the vacation camps along the coastline have no tourists this year.  No one wants to come to the shore to smell oil.  The fishing grounds are closed, so the men who have charter fishing boats are out of business. 

And what about all the fish, turtles, birds that are dying?  Porpoises are dying.  What about our lakes?  Are they next?  Oh, and since I mentioned the lake, we spent years getting it clean enough to swim in and healthy enough to bring back the Pelican population.  Now they are dying. 

And BP says once we get the break sealed and the oil stops flowing into the Gulf, the episode will be over.  Huh?!  Wake up and sell your damned oil spill, BP.  It’s not finished.  What about all the people I just mentioned?  This has ruined people’s lives.  What about the environment? 

Let me bring up one more thing.  You do realize hurricane season starts June first, right?  What if there is a hurricane in the Gulf?  Where will all that oil go?  Don’t tax your brain, BP.  I’ll tell you.  It will be pushed miles inland.  Our back yards will be polluted.  Our homes worthless. 

Does any of this matter to you, BP?


2 responses to “Oil Spill, Louisiana Coastline

  1. Every news story breaks my heart anew. It appears to me that everyone in power is so afraid to make the wrong decision that they do nothing. Every time they propose a solution they tell us why they have to wait.

  2. And wait and wait and wait. This has gone on long enough. It breaks my heart to see all the animals dying.

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