Say What!

My horoscope says: The movie ‘City of Angels’ posits a whole legion of angels surrounding us at all times, right there by our sides every time a difficult or taxing situation comes up. They (invisibly) hold our hands, (silently) offer us words of comfort and help us make decisions that would be too tough for us to handle alone. Don’t be too surprised if you feel the tingly presence of a benevolent guardian today.

I don’t believe in horoscopes, but I found this one a bit funny.  That benevolent guardian is probably trying to cover my mouth with his/her hand.  My moods haven’t been light and airy lately.  I’ve been cursing BP for over 40 days and nights, I’m been cursing the muse longer than that.  Even my doc says I need to calm down or else.  What else what, I’m not sure.

But I’ve deicided I can’t do a thing about the oil spill, so I’m giving it over to those who can and praying a lot.  If the muse wants to run away from me, bye bye, I can write without her.  The doc can go on with his business, I’ll calm down as quickly as I can. 

Now if the dang heat would let up, I’d be good to go.


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