Deadend Brain Waves

Some days I think my brain has taken a wrong turn and has ended up on a dead end dirt road.  Everytime I try to sit down and write, I find my thoughts are blocked by dust and debris.  Trying to turn my thoughts around and get them back on the right highway is comparable to pulling teeth with tweezers.  I’m not sure what has me in this quandary, but I’ve had enough.  I’ve given myself a few goals for 2011 I will meet or die trying.  I will finish Murderous Visions by the end of July (first draft, edits and sending to my publisher).   I will finish Demon Slayer by December (second book of the Genesis Series).  I also have applied to a small local newspaper to write articles about authors and their books.  If I’m given this opportunity I’ll be putting out a call for authors who’d like be be interviewed for the articles.

Am I biting off too much?  Maybe, but I really think I can handle the load as long as I treat my writing like the business it is.  As my hero, Nora Roberts would say:  Sit down and do it, it’s your job.   Okay, maybe not a direct quote, but close enough.  The hardest thing to do will be to cut back my on line time.  Emails, newsletters, blogs, will have to wait until I have my daily quota.  And on good days, they will have to wait until the brain deadeneds again.


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