Thoughts, Dreams & Listening to Your Own Heart

I’ve had a few thoughts on becoming a literary agent. I made the mistake of mentioning it on my Facebook page. I was shocked at the reponses I received. Some were supportive, some were doubtful of my being able to pull it off, some gave me advice. The surprises came in private messages from authors saying they’d sign with me if I deceided to do this. I never said I’d quit writing. I won’t. I just wanted a feel-good challenge. I’ve done a few jobs beside writing in the publishing field. No, I’ve never been an assistant to an agent. I read an article written by an agnet that described his day/week/month as an agent. To be honest, it make me tired just reading it. LOL

I’m open to comments. I’m a big girl, wearing my big girl panties. I can handle it. But I plan on searching my own heart, my common sense before I make up my mind.


3 responses to “Thoughts, Dreams & Listening to Your Own Heart

  1. GO FOR IT… failure is in not trying

  2. I don’t actually know what else to tell you… but then I ran across this cool article courtesy of Jen and here is what HE said:

    “The agent’s job is to have conversations with editors and publishers so as to know what you, the writer, can’t—what an editor or publisher is actually looking for. Then, when the book is sold, the agent runs the rights under a fine-tooth comb. Do you know about bonus percentages for X number of copies sold, chances your world rights will sell, etc.? This is a lot to track.”

    I am sure you know all of that…but personally, being 1) quite introverted and 2) passionate about my dislike for any and all things related to math, it is obvious to me that I would not be a good choice for the job of agent regardless of my passion for writing and for seeing great books in print. And I am certain the publishing world is ever so grateful I know that about myself, LOL.

    I am certain whatever avenue you decide to pursue, you will do so with passion.

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