Research, Words, and Story

Yup. I’m researching. I’m writing words that may have to be changed or deleted in rewrites and edits. I’m still working out the story line. But the point is I’m writing. I’m working on a story unlike anything I’ve tried before. History, but not a historical. Adventure, which I’ve never tried. Yes, I’ve had action/fights/conflict in my books, but again this has to be true to history in some sections, and true for todays bungling husband who thinks he can defend his women from anything.
I’ve finally talked my hubby into not going out for lunch every day. Okay, ladies, I know you think that is a horrible sin, but I just can’t take the time right now. I’m not a morning person, and it’s usually about ten or eleven before my brain agrees to work. Hubby likes to go out to eat about eleven. We get back around twelve thirty or one. If I’m lucky I can get to the computer before he decides “lets do this one thing before you vanish into your fantasy world.”
Maybe I should become one of those women who goes to Starbucks to write. But, really, that constant Sssshhhh of the coffee machine keeps me from concentrating. And all those people walking around, and of course there will always be one who wants to know “What cha doing?”
No. I made the right decision. It will save money and I’ll gain words.
And you’ll gain a book to read.


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