Misty Dreams

Dreamer, Elita La Rue, has always romanticized the stories in her great-great-grandmother’s journal and memorized the photographs of two gunfighters–Wild Bill Hickok and Seth Lucan. If only she could turn back the hands of time to 1876! Playing dress up in her father’s theme town, Duke’s Wild West, is as good as it gets until a handsome gunfighter appears out of nowhere claiming to be Seth Lucan. Elita is willing to believe his outlandish story in hopes he’ll make all her fantasies come true.

Seth Lucan is tired. Tired of being mistaken for his outlaw brother, and tired of dodging bullets. When he arrives in Deadwood, his hopes of making enough money to start over are shattered when he discovers the town has not only become a cesspool of thieves and murderers, but the Lucan name and troubles have followed him. Now he’s faced with a new barrage of bullets, a high-strung lady with a wild imagination, and no way out.

A strange mist emanating from the old blacksmith’s shop may answer both their prayers. Will love be enough to save them from the consequences?


Merrylee of Two Lips Reviews says:

“Misty Dreams by Charlotte “C. J.” Parker thoroughly drew me in mentally and emotionally. I laughed, I cried, I breathed this action-packed book in as if it were vitally necessary to my survival. Despite a few spots where the writing didn’t flow quite as smoothly as it did throughout most of the book, this is one of the ten best novels I‘ve ever read. Although it’s 304 pages long, I read it in one sitting. The roof could have fallen in on me, and I wouldn’t have noticed. I was that engrossed in this truly wonderful story. 5 Kisses and the Reviewer’s Choice award.”

Melinda of Night Owl Reviews says:

“Ah time travel I so love this theme and especially when it involves gorgeous outlaws like Seth Lucan. I feel sad for Seth for here is a guy who is trying so hard to lead a normal life and because of family can’t. Elita on the other hand wants her family but wants love more than ever. These two are great for each other for both have issues but Charlotte Parker does a great job in bringing love to their lives. These are two people who will have to overcome so many obstacles and time to get the love they both deserve. The author pulls it off flawlessly.”
5 stars, Top Pick


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